The Ferrari Testarossa is possibly, besides the Lamborghini Muira, the most recognisable and iconic supercar produced. Undoubtedly a ‘Marmite’ design, the model has gone from rags to riches before softening to price levels that surely make them a mid to long term wise buy.

So many Testarossas have led busy lives, if not in miles driven then in the miles shipped between the USA, Middle East and Europe. Great for Air Miles, but not so good when needing to be confident of provenance.

Choosing the rarest model and best example is the detail that bags you a cool, sound investment.

So our car of the month is none other than the rarest and most collectable of all the Testarossas, with its single flying wing mirror and centre lock wheels, known as the Monospecchio Monodado.

An Italian registered car with only one recorded keeper, Ferrari service history and just 25000 Km from new.

In recognition of the loyalty and interest that we so value from our regular customers and followers, we are offering a special off line price to you for ‘ The Car of the Month’.
For the month of November, this exceptional collector quality Testarossa is available for just £139,995 via our brokerage sale process.