Special Features

Shell: Genuine shell in Ermine white fitted with modified roll cage – double diagonal door bars, sill bars and dash bar. Carbon/Kevlar front doors with polycarbonate windows and sliders.  Rear strut brace. Hinged front bonnet. Carbon / Kevlar engine bay panels.

Engine: 3.0L V64V International Spec engine.

Fuel injection system: International type fuel injection system with K&N air filters. 5 bar injectors.

Engine management: Motec M600 ECU closed loop engine management system. Fitted with twin Lambda probes and data logging. Coil On Plug upgrade.

Exhaust: Upgraded exhaust manifolds coated in Cermakrome. Stainless steel repackable silencers filled with stainless packing.

Oil system: Dry sump pump with twin scavenge. Fitted with high performance 6R4.com billet oil filter assembly and latest spec dry sump tank.

Fuel system: Upgraded fuel pumps, filter and regulator. Twin 52 litre safety bag tanks and fillers. Quick disconnect on balance pipe for transmission changing.

Cooling system: WRC spec aluminium radiator with Carbon/Kevlar cowl and twin fans. Electric water pump and digital control module. International header tank. Modified engine water system to provide better cooling.

Gearbox: Fully rebuilt straight cut synchromesh gearbox for road use.

Clutch: AP Racing twin plate hydraulically operated clutch.

Transfer Box / Step off: 35/65 Torque split with 1.2:1 drop gears.

Spare Gear Ratios: 1.3:1 and 1.4:1 changeable depending on application.

Front diff: Fully rebuilt LSD with new crown wheel and pinion. Upgraded breather system.

Rear diff: Fully rebuilt LSD with heavy duty side plate and new crown wheel and pinion. Upgraded breather system.

Suspension: Modified front suspension geometry. Dynamics two way adjustable dampers with remote canisters, titanium helper springs and tarmac springs. New suspension top plates. Blade type front  and rear anti roll bars.

Steering: Power steering 2.4 turns quick rack with integral locks stops. Engine driven Power Steering pump. Heavy duty straight track rods and billet steering arm upgrade. Repositioned and adjustable 3 piece steering column.

Brakes: Fully rebuilt AP Racing 4 pot callipers front and rear. Ventilated 304mm disks with alloy mounting bells. Carbon metallic pads. Quick Release hydraulic hand brake. All brake lines in Aeroquip.

Wheels and tyres: 16” magnesium alloy tarmac Dymag wheels 11” rear and 9” front fitted with works carbon fibre brake cooling fans. Kumho Vecsta V70A tyres – 225/50 front 265/45 rear.

Electrical: Works specification 120 amp alternator. Red top 30 dry cell racing battery. Battery master switch with external pull handle.

Lighting: Works type Carbon/Kevlar  lamp pod with cover and six Lucas 20-20 lamps.

Exterior: New front splitter and front and rear mudflaps. Works type ventilated door mirrors. Aluminium front sump guard and ex-works Kevlar rear sump guard with diffuser.

Interior: Heated windscreen. New Motordrive seats on strengthened seat mountings with 6 point Willans harnesses. Plumbed in and hand held fire extinguishers. Passenger footrest. Carbon fibre works type dashboard Motec Dash.


  • Petrol
  • HPI Clear
  • 3.0l V6
  • 5-Speed Manual
  • Right Hand Drive
  • 150 Miles / 241 Km


C3 OMG is one of the original 200 cars built by Austin Rover to attain Group B homologation.

Most cars were used in Rallying and later when Group B was banned, in Rallycross.

A few cars were sold as road going Clubman cars. This is one of those cars and it has therefore never been subjected to the abuse and battering that a forest rally stage inflicts on a car.

Used as a fun “Sunday Car” by its former owners it was acquired in 2005 By an enthusiast who set about a total restoration to near works specification.

Over the following 8 Years the car was stripped and rebuilt including engine, gearbox, differentials and sympathetically modified in crucial areas to make it into the ultimate road going 6R4.

A total of c£100k has been spent plus c1500 man hours in this painstaking project.

With road use in mind for the finished product sensible modifications were made during the restoration. Road cams rather than works spec cams were used to make the car more “driveable” and whilst this drops ultimate horsepower from 420 bhp to c 380 bhp the car is much more road friendly.

The original Lucas Micos engine management was changed to a Motec M600 with all necessary loom modifications and the Motec dash.


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