Alpine 1725


Special Features


  • Red
  • Original Soft top
  • Tow Bar


  • Black leather interior
  • Original wood steering wheel
  • 1966
  • 8 Owners
  • • 1725cc OHV - 4 Cylinder with Holbay Alloy Cylinder Head
  • 4-Speed Manual
  • Right Hand Drive
  • 10,084 Miles / 16,225 Km


This beautiful British classic sports car, with its unitary construction, styling cues from the USA, is a cool alternative to the ubiquitous MGB.

The condition of this Sunbeam Alpine is amazing, albeit a slightly older restoration (2010), there is very little patina and it is easy to see why it has come first  in  a number of concours events.

We contacted the Sunbeam Alpine register and they kindly replied as follows:

“The Alpine you are referring to is well known in the club, as it has won best in show on many occasions in our annual National meeting.

The car was restored by a long time club member, who died a few years ago. His widow  has owned the car since his passing and has maintained it in top condition.

From my memory I recall that the car had been meticulously rebuilt following restoration. He had a very keen eye on detail and the car is probably as close to the condition that it would have rolled off the production line, as is reasonable to achieve.”

The hood on the car is believed to be an original and has never been lowered, so that the vinyl and plastic rear screen are as new.

LPJ 9D’s  four cylinder engine, with five-bearing crankshaft, festures a holbay aluminium cylinder head, fed by twin in Stromberg carburettors, with high lift camshaft and high compression pistons.

The engine was built and specified by the Sunbeam Alpine engine guru Geoff Woolf, and was stripped and refreshed again in 2022 due to a failed water hose at a cost of £3k.

The car comes with lots of photographs, covering engine rebuild, professional photographs of detailing the car, as well as receipts and contact details for Sunbeam Alpine parts and specialists


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