Special Features


  • Artic Silver
  • 993 Narrow body
  • Ruf 6 speed gearbox
  • 18” Ruf 5-spoke Alloy Wheels


  • Full black leather interior
  • Full integrated roll cage
  • Air conditioning
  • Electric seats
  • Analogue Turbo boost gauge
  • Ruf instruments
  • 1998
  • Petrol
  • 2 Owners
  • HPI Clear
  • 3.6l single turbo
  • 6-Speed Manual
  • Right Hand Drive
  • 72,000 Miles / 115,848 Km


Back in 1993 the launch of Ruf’s BTR2 beat Porsche to turbocharging its own 993 by two years. Based on the Porsche 993 Carrera, the BTR2 used a narrow body shell, strengthened by their rigid and discreet integral roll cage. Rear wheel drive and a rather large Turbo appealed to the capable 911 driver.

The base engine for the car was the 3.6 litre 993 Carrera engine, but upgraded with different profile camshafts an additional oil cooler, bespoke exhaust system, oh and of course the Ruf intercooled single turbo.

Performance was transformed, the car recording 0-60 in 4 seconds and a top speed over 191MPH

Besides the strengthened gearbox, the BTR2 was given a 60% lock limited slip differential, bigger brakes and 30mm lowered suspension with stiffer anti roll bars front and rear.

Although enthusiasts believe that there were 13 BTR2’s produced in a conversation with Mrs Ruf (when R2 BTR returned to its birthplace in 2019) she could only recall 9 official Ruf BTR2 cars being produced. In any event, only 3 UK RHD cars were made.

Our car registered R2 BTR has the most incredible and complete history. A detailed handwritten log of all major events, servicing and costs was painstakingly recorded by its 1st owner. Peter owned the car up until late in 2018.

The present owner understood just how unique this BTR 2 is. Peter, the 1st and key owner had ordered the car with Ruf’s electronic gear selector (EKS), together with hand controls.

The car was not just special to the owner but also to the Ruf family as it was produced in the same year that Mr and Mrs Ruf married.

In 2019, the car again returned home to Ruf, who carefully set about removing the EKS clutch system and hand controls and today it is a 6-speed manual shift car.

At the same time, the car was given a major health check which included, engine removal, strip, health check and rebuild. A new Turbo was fitted together with new brake discs, pad, belts and ancillary items. There is a detailed Ruf invoice supporting the work, which together with previous Ruf receipts for servicing and maintenance, makes R2 BTR the only UK car that Mr and Mrs Ruf have serviced and supported since its build.

This is the 1st Ruf Cariconics has had the privilege to market. Just walking around the car, you get the feeling that it is greater than the sum of its parts. Built by people with a passion for performance engineering and quality. Even the integral roll-cage is discreet and a masterclass in engineering.

In summary, Ruf is at its core a bespoke manufacturer, using Porsche bodies as the basis for its ground up creation of rare, fast and beautifully engineered cars. Ruf’s lineage goes all the way back to 1939, developing from a service centre, to improving and tuning. In 1977 Ruf presented its first complete model and of course the infamous ‘yellow bird’ came along in 1987 which recorded at Ehra-Lessien, Germany a top speed of 211mph.

Own a Ruf and you become part of a small privileged family that are recognised for their reserved but deep passion for brands that simply become respected through excellence.


The car comes complete with a comprehensive dossier of Ruf, Porsche and specialist receipts, notes and MOT’s. The most complete provenance we have seen for a car.

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