Clio V6 Phase 1 Trophy Replica


Special Features


  • Metallic Silver
  • Original Trophy Cup Wheels
  • Yokohama Tyres
  • KW V3 Dampers with upgraded top mounts
  • Front Splitter
  • Trophy CUP rear spoiler
  • Bespoke Exhaust
  • Towing eyes
  • Period Livery


  • Renault Sport steering wheel
  • Blue sport bucket seats
  • TRS 4 point harnesses
  • Fully plumed in Lifeline fire extinguisher system
  • 2002
  • 7 Owners
  • 3.0l V6
  • 6-Speed Manual
  • Right Hand Drive
  • 54,000 Miles / 86,886 Km


A Renault Clio V6 Phase 1 with a difference!  This special little car is the net result of one enthusiast’s passion to create a V6 Clio that drives as well as it looks.

It is the livery that gives the game away of this car being a bit different, but those with a keen eye will also notice the original Trophy Cup wheels, the bespoke exhaust, the front splitter, rear spoiler, and the lowered ride height.  This is where is starts to get more interesting from the driver’s perspective.

Fitted to this Clio V6 are the infamous and brilliant KW Variant 3 damper units that are not only adjustable in ride height but bump and rebound damping too.  Meaning that you can tune the feel of the car to your very liking for road use or trackwork.

Coupled to the car’s improved breathing thanks to its free flowing exhaust (which also makes a fabulous noise) and its ‘seat of the pants’ bucket seats, it really does deliver on the fun!

In recent years this car has been looked after by S.G. Motorsport who have ensured it has been maintained appropriately.  The last service was carried out in August 2022 which included the cambelts and usual accompaniments.



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