E36 M3 Group N


Special Features

  • This car has the original Engine and Gear-box (very rare for any factory built race car)
  • All original panels are unmarked
  • Two sets of Original Forged Grop N spec Wheels
  • Drexler Limited Slip Differential with large case Cooling Fins
  • KW V3 Adjustable Coilover suspension units
  • Group A solid bushes
  • CAE quick shift system
  • Quick release Steering Wheel
  • Hand Made Exhaust System
  • Original Non-Spoiler
  • Boot lid also with the car
  • Petrol
  • 4 Owners
  • HPI Clear
  • 3.0L
  • 5-Speed Manual
  • Left Hand Drive
  • 40,200 Km / 24,984 Miles


Truly impeccable condition, and ready to be raced or enjoyed for Track Days.

The body work is as it came from the factory; straight panels, unmarked paintwork and no sign of any significant damage.

The Engine, Gear-box and general Drive-train are in perfect working order, and have so signs of wear.


1 of 197 original factory Group N cars.  These cars were supplied by the BMW Motorsport division to the BMW Dealers that wanted to compete in the Group N race category.  Supplied in component form; a Body Shell complete with Matter Roll cage, Engine, Gear Box, and Suspension all included for the Dealer to build.

This particular car was bought by BMW Bosner, where it was built to an incredibly high standard. Despite the dealers’ best intentions the car never saw competitive action in the Group N category- probably why it is in such amazing condition.

It was used in it’s early life to compete in some solo slalom events whilst still in the ownership of BMW Bosner.
It was then sold to it’s second owners, a pair of Brother’s that owned the car for many years.  They raced the car in the RCN championship where it was very successful, and meticulously maintained to the point of infatuation.  In fact, we have been told first hand that the car had it’s bearings replaced after every 7 hours of run time.

It has had no serious use since this time, just the occasional gentle Track Day.

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