The Legend XJ13


Special Features


  • Hand Made aluminum monocoque
  • Period correct hand driven rivets
  • 2 piece Centre Hub Cast Alloy Wheels
  • Disc brakes all round (Faithful to the original Dunlop System)
  • Twin Race Fuel Filler Points, feeding the single Fuel Tank
  • Cast alloy wheels as used on Jaguar’s XJ13
  • Period Correct Dunlop Racing tyres


  • Tachometer
  • Sill Mounted Gear Selector
  • Seat Belts
  • 2015
  • 6.8l Quad Cam V12
  • 5-Speed Manual
  • Right Hand Drive


The Legend, inspired by Jaguar’s  sole XJ13 is the most exact replica of the works prototype Le Mans race car as it came out of Browns Lane  in 1966.

Using drawings of the original XJ13 together with the helpful advice of Jaguar employees, “The Legend” features important details that Jaguar’s XJ13 lost following its crash at Mira in 1971.

Most importantly, “The Legend” features the original car’s twin bulkheads which are fixed in place by two rows of hand driven rivets, together with its unique metal work that served as stiffener’s for the windscreen.

The XJ13 was powered by a 5.0 Litre Quad Cam V12 engine, the double overhead cam being reserved for road cars such as the Series 1 XJ6 Daimler, E-type series 3 V12 and latterly the XJS.

The Legend’s Quad cam power unit, is derived from Jaguar’s V12 as used in the XJ13, fueled by the same Lucas fuel injection but now enlarged to 6.8 litre’s producing an easy 500BHP + at 6000 RPM, and more importantly 477lbs ft of torque.

This quad cam jewel is fully balanced and with the correct fueling can rev to nearly 8000rpm, providing a power reading that should be in excess of 600BHP!

This in a car that weighs less than 1100 Kilo’s.

In 2016 “The Legend” was selected as one of the finalists in the 2016 Historic Motoring Awards.

“The Legend” has SVA approval (it would require the refitting of wing mirrors etc), so could be driven on the road.

Besides Jaguar’s XJ13, “The Legend” is detailed in Wikipedia

The car has also featured on BBC news.


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