It’s been fun packed, celebrating Daniel’s 30th by taking family, friends and customers to Spa and Nurburgring. A wet Spa provided a great opportunity to find explore limits of our steeds whilst a dry Nurburgring meant our lap times were purely restricted by track knowledge and traffic.

Some of the cars lived up to their reputation such as the Renault Turbo 2 that despite a full engine rebuild (270BHP from 1400cc), stayed in the UK due to a last minute glitch. The Caterham (we have broken down with this car and its owner all over Europe), was thankfully trailered but in true Caterham form the trailer blew 3 of its 4 tyres and managed to shut the M25 during rush hour as the 4th tyre overtook the tow car, together with its wheel!

That left the Porsche 996 GT3 MK1 CS, 991 GT3, Boxster 3.2S and BMW M3 V8 to perform faultlessly both on and off track (which is more than could be said of their drivers)!

We are planning more adventures to our favourite European venues, so if you have an interest in joining in us please let us know and we will keep you abreast of the schedule.